The Antique And Chic Schoolhouse Reborn By Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson

It is unimaginable to even think that anyone will turn a school building into a residence. But, you got to believe because there is one in Chicago and we cannot deny that it looks fabulous. The people who make this clever team behind the ambitious project are Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson. And we like to know more so let’s check this out.

It was originally an 1880’s brick schoolhouse. And it is transformed properly and converted into a dwelling for a family with seven members. Its outer look is still old fashion yet very grand like typical old time’s school. The reason why preserve this house without changing its exterior look a lot is because the family concern about environmental sustainability, which we think very great. You can see the raw brick accent which is left like that and so is the wood structure which makes it an antique among all modern houses around. Yet it seems so new since the walls are clean with no breaking or missing parts. Wood-paneled walls and ceilings, flooring, and many pieces of built-in furniture inside the building were crafted and cleaned on-site from old-growth planks, beams, joists and rafters salvaged from the building and make the space clean and clear to achieve aesthetic look. This house also incorporates geothermal heating/cooling and solar thermal hot water systems; an extensive green roof; numerous solatubes which let natural light profoundly getting inside and illuminate the space properly. There is a central stairwell found there that has double function to lead to another level and also to keep a solar chimney venting through the roof of the new penthouse. For the kitchen cabinets, bath vanities and barn doors, sustainably-harvested bamboo plywood was used to build all those custom-designed stuff.

As long as it interior furniture is concerned, they are all designed SGW by reusing much of the clients’ existing furniture. This is a special house we hardly see before. The old-fashioned building can really change its face into a very modern dwelling with tranquility and warmth all around. This dwelling has received many positive reviews from folks and was featured in “Beautiful Homes”, the magazine, issued in the fall 2012. You really have to see it and never miss it.

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