Eclectic Charms In Houston Loft By C O N T E N T Architecture

A cool earthy look loft in Houston, Texas is a modern young space with rocking way of managing and decorating. More importantly, it is managed whimsically with eclectic quality to boast. This is an easy-going place with homey feels to be indulged. The designer to whom we should give the credit is none other than the local C O N T E N T Architecture.

The columns, beams and concretes are left in those shapes without any cover. The walls are also in raw brick accents which make the space more rustic and exotic yet quite quaint. You may see some classic stuff mobbing the spaces trying to blend with other modern things. The living space is graced by giant shelving. Some rare items are found sizzling in there also. The lining windows are decently huge to let you see the panoramic city sights there. The wooden cladding on the floors adds nothing but class and elegance. Each space is pretty spacious to please you adequately. The simple kitchen in the same area is chic enough to make you proud of your space with cute barstools that stand skinny and shiny. Walking through the hallways, you can be entertained by some hanging pictures and portraits to get occupied till you hardly realize you have reached another room. The bedroom is managed effortlessly. Things are placed like that without concern about looking tidy and neat which is rebellious yet uniquely done. There are more spaces for you to explore in this cozy house. You may find it tranquil despite of the quaint look of it and the whimsical way of decorating and furnishing. It will suit you who like to be free-spirited and easy going but quite sort it about your space. Go and check you may adore it.

Delicious And Spacious Loft In Tribeca

A super impeccable charming loft apartment is the title we want to give to this stylish in New York’s Tribeca. What makes it so irresistible? It is stunning, massive and quite luxurious. In addition, it also possesses eclectic quality which is worth boasting. The three-storey building is filled with numerous of rooms in variety of fun and colors. Let’s get to know better cause you will regret if you miss this one for sure.

There are some aspects in home designing which are applied seriously and meticulously by the designers following the demands of the clients such as its carbon footprint, its being eco-friendly, tree of life, and natural resources. You can see how delightful the atmosphere there and since the spaces are very spacious you can feel the freedom and easiness which is so very pleasing. The natural light is so very bright illuminating a great deal. Some brick accents make for an exotic look and unique presence. The wood beams add for more to appear crisp and elegant. Organic, independent ecosystem is to be complimented as well. You can also find some great places for the science of frolic in the playroom or film appreciation in the cushy home theatre in the bottom floor. The feeling is rather breezy and cool, a perfect place to chill out all the way. You can also see several posters framed on the walls mentioning some movie titles and the star casts’ pictures. 

It is indeed a larger than life space with so many things happening which will always evoke curiosity and desire to explore again and again until your feet cannot walk and your mind is filled with amazement and adoration.