Tranquility in Lakefront Camp by Kristina Crestin Design

Resting in the middle of tranquil surrounding, a lakefront camp is a very simple and peaceful place where you can get the best healing experience living in simplicity with its beauty. It was designed by Kristina Crestin which is just recently finished. The style is traditional and so is the look as well as the feel but you may expect to see some stylish items inside and believe us that you will.

Surprisingly, this house modestly takes some very old materials and stuff that are commonly tossed away since they lack beauty and aesthetic quality. But they are strikingly unique and antique there adding more perspectives inside the space. Entering the house, the back entry welcomes you with a unique structure made from very old woods looking fragile but it is quite interesting to add little bit quaint taste.  A cozy lounge area seems so warm and soft with some pops of colors to add liveliness in the house. At the front part, a common sight in country house is what you see yet the very vintage rattan carpet will say hello in a friendly way. You will see more organic materials in the house in raw look also. There is one bedroom with 5 beds in the same area. Two of them are bunk beds with stairs to climb and some storage spaces to put things and one is a single bed for young members of family to sleep in togetherness. We imagine the noise and the chats before sleeping will be hilarious yet it is very stunning in blue marine. The bathroom is fun and cheerful with green tiles and some cute stuff. The vanity features and old school buffet to place towels. Indeed, the house is a down to earth space that takes you to a different life style and way of living you life. It is simple and that is what you need to remain at peace and enjoy your day and night in embrace of warm and lovely atmosphere which is so inherent in such space.

Ultimate Beauty of Palm Springs Moroccan Modern Dwelling

If you have to tell us what you like about morocco? We think the city is exotic and is the culture, the art, and the people. We like to show you a modern dwelling in Moroccan style which its beauty is not to be doubted. The magical feeling of this dwelling making you feel like living an Arabian queen and king with luxury in hands. There are much more to see in the house, so why don’t we check them out.

The stunning space is situated Chino Canyon / Little Tuscany Neighborhood Palm Springs; CA. the design is intensely inspired by divine Moroccan style. Originally it was built in 1953 and was completely renovated in 2012. It spans in 3,650 s. q. ft. Estate sits on a large 18,730 sq ft lot and consists of a total of 3 Bedrooms and 4 Baths, a romantic outdoor lounge, a large circular Moroccan-tiled Pool and spa. Moreover, you can find a super stylish and modern kitchen with high end stainless steel appliances, cool white quartz counter tops, open to the dining and living room areas with a corner gas fire place and indoor Grill. Undoubtedly, the house is an irresistible beauty in sleek and chic look for you who adore modern living. If you find yourself sold by the marvelous home design, you can go and grab it for yourself since the residence is in market at present for anyone who is ready to pay for$1,200,000. If you are interested and are willing to know more you can call Neil at 760.285.2349 right away.

Delicious And Spacious Loft In Tribeca

A super impeccable charming loft apartment is the title we want to give to this stylish in New York’s Tribeca. What makes it so irresistible? It is stunning, massive and quite luxurious. In addition, it also possesses eclectic quality which is worth boasting. The three-storey building is filled with numerous of rooms in variety of fun and colors. Let’s get to know better cause you will regret if you miss this one for sure.

There are some aspects in home designing which are applied seriously and meticulously by the designers following the demands of the clients such as its carbon footprint, its being eco-friendly, tree of life, and natural resources. You can see how delightful the atmosphere there and since the spaces are very spacious you can feel the freedom and easiness which is so very pleasing. The natural light is so very bright illuminating a great deal. Some brick accents make for an exotic look and unique presence. The wood beams add for more to appear crisp and elegant. Organic, independent ecosystem is to be complimented as well. You can also find some great places for the science of frolic in the playroom or film appreciation in the cushy home theatre in the bottom floor. The feeling is rather breezy and cool, a perfect place to chill out all the way. You can also see several posters framed on the walls mentioning some movie titles and the star casts’ pictures. 

It is indeed a larger than life space with so many things happening which will always evoke curiosity and desire to explore again and again until your feet cannot walk and your mind is filled with amazement and adoration.